Wedding & Reception

Both our wedding and reception will be held at the home of Colleen and Terry Conant on June 7, 2014. We feel so fortunate to celebrate our wedding day in such a beautiful and intimate space and are profoundly grateful to our wonderful hosts.

The address for the Conant’s house is as follows:

1484 Northridge Drive

Erie, Colorado, 80516

An Important Note: Because our wedding will take place in a residential neighborhood, we strongly encourage our guests to carpool with one another, whenever possible. We will be more than happy to put people in touch in order to ensure that everyone has a ride to the Conants’ house (and, of course, to and from the airport). Please, if you are planning to rent a car, and you have some time to spare, do consider allowing others to take advantage of any extra room in your vehicle. You can rest assured that all of our wedding guests are very nice and friendly! If you already know that you will be renting a car and will be able to transport guests to and/or from the wedding, please go ahead and drop a line in the “Comments” space at the bottom of the page.

Our ceremony will be officiated by our dear friends Leigha McReynolds and Michael Graham. (They are both pictured below).

Rachel and Leigha

Rachel and Leigha

Michael and Paul

Michael and Paul

The ceremony will begin at 5 p.m. We intend for most of the festivities to take place outdoors, and, while it will be June, Colorado can still get a bit cold in the evening. We suggest bringing a sweater or shawl if you are particularly susceptible to chills.


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