Note about the Hampton Inn

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to add a note about the Hampton Inn on Lookout Road – the one that is in close proximity to the Conants’ house. While it is close to the wedding venue, it is not really close to anything else. If you’re renting a car or have arranged a carpool with someone who has, then this will not be an issue. However, if you’re planning on carpooling and cabbing–a perfectly reasonable option–we suggest staying at one of the hotels in downtown Boulder. You’ll then be able to walk to Pearl Street, where there are all sorts of great places to eat, shop, etc.

Again, if you have questions about transportation or carpooling, please just let us know, and we will do anything we can to help. It would also be helpful to know who is planning to rent a car and would be willing to take on some passengers (you could comment on this post with that information).

We so look forward to celebrating with you!



Hello everyone!

Welcome to our wedding blog. Here you will find all the relevant information for our Colorado wedding extravaganza! We will use this home page to post any necessary updates. For information about our venue, the Boulder area, accommodations, transportation, and, well, the two of us, just click on the appropriate pages.

We will keep you updated on information regarding invitations and how to RSVP.

In the meantime, take a look around and let us know if you have any questions! Rachel can be reached at and Paul can be reached at


Rachel and Paul