Here you will find a list of possible hotels in the Boulder area, some closer to downtown Boulder and others more in the vicinity of the Conants’ house in Erie.

1. The Hampton Inn on Lookout Road: This hotel is located very close to our wedding venue. We are currently in the process of attempting to get a group rate, but whether this will be feasible is still up in the air. So, if you would like to go ahead and make your reservations, we suggest doing so.  (Website:

2. The Boulder Marriott: This hotel is walking distance to The University of Colorado and located right off of Pearl Street. (Website:

3. Hotel Boulderado: This is one of Boulder’s premier hotels; thus, it is definitely a splurge. It is also located right off of Pearl Street. (Website:

4. St. Julien: This is another premier hotel in the area, so it is also more of an expense. Like the Marriott and the Boulderado, it is located off of Pearl Street. (Website:

Two particularly affordable options include the Boulder Outlook hotel (Website:, the Millennium Harvest House (Website: There are also, of course, other chains in the area.

If you would like to go the bed and breakfast route, two good options are the Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast (Website: and the Bradley Boulder Inn (Website:

Finally, if you prefer something more rustic, you can rent a cottage at Chautauqua Park. Visit this site for more information:


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