About Paul and Rachel


Chances are, if you are perusing this website, then you know the two of us. So, we can keep this simple.

Paul James Cote, lover of David Bowie, Danny Elfman, the Muppets, and movie scores, is pursuing a doctorate in English Literature at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is one of the department’s go-to film aficionados and is at work on a dissertation exploring film sound.  He also works at the National Foreign Language Center as an editor and exam writer and regularly teaches courses on film in the UMD English Department. He blogs about film and film music at moviemusicmusings.wordpress.com.

Rachel Elizabeth Vorona’s passions also intersect with her scholarly pursuits. Smitten with all things British (particularly of the 19th century variety) and a longtime lover of Victorian literature, she currently is writing a dissertation on Victorian literature and the emotional impacts of reading. She teaches courses on British literature, Women’s literature, and LGBT literature in the UMD English Department and tutors in the greater DC area. She also blogs about various and sundry matters at positiveandpromise.wordpress.com. Most of what Rachel does is made possible by coffee.

When Paul and Rachel are not buried in their dissertation work, they enjoy attending concerts together; traveling to new places both local and far; showering their cat, Hobo, with obscene amounts of affection; and generally giving one another a hard time. They are very excited to be getting married and look forward to sharing the rest of their lives–and quirks–with one another.


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